Astrophotographers Captures Fast UFO Flying In The Night Sky

Astro-photographer’s Paul and Sylvia Mayo mystified by the strange phenomenon they had captured on film as they left a service station at Berrimah. When it happened they didn’t think much of it, Mr Mayo went back through the footage he thought the light going at an unusually fast speed was quite bizarre.

He said “I’m baffled, and I’m not usually baffled by anything,”

“In my 30 years of taking photos of galaxies and star clusters, you might see the odd jet but this is, to me, probably moving a lot faster.”

The video was filmed on June 12, 2015 at 1am as Mr Mayo left the service station. Out of nowhere a light flies past from the left at incredible speed. Mr Mayo captured stills from the footage and zoomed in on them. “It looked like a string of coloured pearls shooting through the sky,” he said.

Two Fighter Jets Chasing UFO In Bulgaria

Alien hunters claim to have spotted a UFO being followed by military aircraft on January 14, 2016 near Nova Zagora in Bulgaria.

The fighter jets and the UFO were flying at very low altitude over three small villages, Stoil Voyvoda, Zagorci and Han Asparuhovo.

The report says the event was witnessed by a number of people, although no one else has come forward to make confirm the sighting. It adds that the spectacle lasted about five minutes, before the UFO abruptly changed direction,causing the military planes to also perform 'spectacular manoeuvres.'

At one point the UFO disappears at high rate speed leaving both fighter jets behind.

Plane Passenger Captures Mysterious Shadow Figure Walking On Clouds

An incredible images has been captured by a plane passenger at 30,000ft shows what looks like a huge robot walking along the clouds.

Nick O'Donoghue was on board an EasyJet flight from Austria to London Gatwick when he noticed the bizarre figure in the sky and grabbed his camera.

He said: 'I was flying back from a work ski trip in Austria, I was on the window seat with two work colleges beside me.   

'They were talking like crazy and I was gazing out the window, as you do. I could see this figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer this shape appeared.  'I asked the ladies beside me to look at it too in case I was seeing things. 

They too were amazed! I then took some pictures and then the aircraft slowly passed it.  'It was in view for about two minutes as it was a good bit away in the distance. To me it looked like the Michelin man but to be honest I have no idea what it was.

CIA Releases Secret UFO Files

One of George Stock's UFO images

Worldwide UFO fans will sure have field day because the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) decided to release hundreds of X-files-like UFO documents on their website.

Hundreds of declassified documents about the agency's top secret UFO investigations dating from the late 1940s and the 1950s. Many conspiracy theorists point to the CIA, saying that the agency has been involved in many cover ups of UFO sightings to hide the truth from the general public. For some reason, the agency has decided to upload never-before-seen photos and documents in PDF formats.

Among the CIA's UFO X-Files is the sighting documented by New Jersey resident George Stock. On July 29, 1952 at about 4:30 p.m., Stock and his friend John H. Riely spotted a bizarre aircraft approaching from the sky. The story goes that Mr Stock ran into his house to grab his camera, before firing off five photos of the UFO.

Despite the authenticity of the uploaded CIA documents, the agency kept referring to Agents Mulder and Scully of the famous drama series The X-Files.  "Below you will find five documents we think X-Files character Agent Fox Mulder would love to use to try and persuade others of the existence of extraterrestrial activity," wrote CIA in the blog where some of the documents were listed.

While the files didn't give any firm conclusion about the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, the documents did reveal that the CIA was not only interested in UFO sightings in the U.S. but also in England, Spain, North Africa and Germany.

The CIA isn't the only federal agency under attack when it comes to UFO conspiracies. Many UFO-slash-alien conspiracy theories are popping up and NASA has been accused of back-to-back extraterrestrial evidence cover-ups related to its Mars missions as well.

Number 58 Found On Mars And Moon!!!

Number 58 in Mars surface

UFO research have claims to have found the number 58 etched into both celestial objects in images on Google Mars and Google Moon - cosmic versions of Google earth.  The "markings" were reportedly found by Marcelo Irazusta and his son James who were scouring the software to see what came up.

Number 58 in Moon surface

Sandra Elena Andrade uploaded a video about the finds entitled "Number 58 on the Moon and Mars - coincidence or intelligent signals?"  She said: "This amazing discovery by Marcelo Irazusta and his son James leads us to reflect on the possibility of the existence of intelligent signals.

"The number 58 existing on the Moon is very similar, but smaller, to the existing one on Mars."

Amazing Video Show UFO Flying Into Swirling Vortex Over LHC CERN

This amazing video has emerged on YouTube show a UFO seems to disappears into a swirling vortex above a complex of nuclear research tunnels.  This video, taken near Geneva, Switzerland, shows something very odd happening in the sky over the Large Hadron Collider .

Clouds begin to swirl together, as if drawn by some immense unseen force.  As the spin around each other, like water draining down a plug hole, a speck of light appears in the bottom of the shot.  It shoots up towards the vortex, faster than any earthly craft can travel, before suddenly disappearing - possibly to another dimension.

Not all viewers were convinced by their authenticity and many were more impressed by their CGI computer skills which went into producing the videos.

The LCH is a huge network of complex underground tunnels on the French Swiss border where the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which runs it, gets physicists to literally collide atoms together at high speed to try to discover the smallest possible version and hopefully answer how everything in the universe began.

Bizarre 'Sky Forest' Appears In Skies Over Rocky Mountains

A remote part of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado in the US has seen a mystery "sky city" or even "alien forest" forming" before suddenly vanishing. 

The strange picture was snapped in the early morning by a photographer who said they were reduced to tears after seeing the mysterious huge glowing orb. It featured jagged shapes that some claim resemble several spired buildings or even trees in a forest. 

Photographer said : "I went outside first thing this morning. After sitting outside for a few minutes, I looked West at the fog covering the hillside. Then, there was a bright, almost blinding light that made my eyes tear up - I mean tears rolling down my face. 

"After snapping a few pictures, it appeared to dim. It had a translucence to it. I looked down at my camera to make sure I had gotten the shot, looked up, and it was gone." 

The photographer said the image captured portrayed exactly the strange sighting that lasted so briefly.  They said: "The top of the object is completely dome shaped. The bottom is jagged as if there were trees.

"In the pictures, the Sun is clearly visible to the left of the object. The light that the object emitted looked to be the same or similar to the sun, but it could not have been a reflection because the sun was behind and to the left of the object. It also does not and did not, appear to be a break in the fog.